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Oxfordshire Home of 'Reel' Entertainment
Once a month Tackley Methodist Church converts itself into a cinema, screening the best movies around and raising money for charity.

NEXT: BORN TO RUN (Cert 12a)
***MONDAY*** , 16th November at 7pm

Inspired by a true story: Yearning to escape his rundown hometown and the rules of his traditional Pakistani household, Javed finds salvation in the music of Bruce Springstein. Will he remain caught in between two worlds or discover he is "Born to Run".

Our film hits familiar chords with confidence and flair, building to a conclusion that leaves audiences wanting an encore.

This month, our screening is supporting ......
North Oxfordshire Community Foodbank

Providing food parcels to people within the Kidlington, Woodstock, Chipping Norton and Charlbury area.

As well as the usual basic items, at this time of year, the following are welcome :-

.......... Seasonal biscuits and savouries in packets or
.......... Ordinary biscuits and cheese biscuits.
.......... Orange & blackcurrant squash.
.......... Tinned ham & salmon.
And also
.......... Shampoos and shower gels - adult or children.

Not attending the film? Our doors will be open from 3pm to 7pm for donations.

THANK YOU - for your contributions to

Our License allows us to screen films without charging but prevents us from advertising the name of the feature directly on our website, however you can find out by contacting us.
We comply fully with Data Protection Act.