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Oxfordshire Home of 'Reel' Entertainment
Once a month Tackley Methodist Church converts itself into a cinema, screening the best movies around and raising money for charity.

Sunday, 8th July at 4pm & 7pm

PLEASE NOTE: **** Extra screening *****

Original musical that celebrates the birth of show business & tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a worldwide sensation.

It may not be quite the greatest show on Earth, but the entire cast are deeply committed to entertaining and leave you feeling an old-school musical thrill.
Come and enjoy this award winning movie.

This month, our screening is supporting ......
1st Tackley & Heyford Scout Group

providing adventure and fun for our village for over 25 years.

THANK YOU - for your contributions to the

Our License allows us to screen films without charging but prevents us from advertising the name of the feature directly on our website, however you can find out by contacting us.
We comply fully with Data Protection Act.